KAZIMIERZ SEROCKI (1922-1981): Forte e piano for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (Szábolcs Esztényi, Jerzy Witkowski [pianos]), Polish Radio and TV Symphony, Krakow. rec. 1973), Pianophonie for Piano and Orchestra (Esztényi [piano], Great Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra, Katowice. rec. 1979).

Catalogue Number: 02S093

Label: Dux

Reference: 1278

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These are both works of Serocki's fully mature style, in which composing with timbres as thematic and structural material, replacing melody and conventional harmony, had become his primary concern. Both pieces exemplify sonorism at its most uncompromising, and both are sonically spectacular. The shorter Forte e piano (1967) has not received the acclaim afforded his final and most ambitious work, Pianophonie (1978), but the two are closely related. The textures of both are complex and frequently massive, with cluster glissandi from the strings, cluster chords from the brass, tumultuous percussion and cascades of clusters from the soloists common to both. Pianophonie adds a prominent electroacoustic element, very ambitious for its day, with a battery of oscillators, ring modulators, delays and equalizers extensively transforming the piano sound (alongside more 'conventional' extended techniques), and electronic spatial projection of sounds. Stanisław Wisłocki (conductor). Original 1980 Muza LP release.


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