GÉRARD PESSON (b.1958): Musica ficta for Piano, Ne pas oublier coq rouge dans jour craquelé (moments Proust) for Piano Trio, Neige bagatelle for Guitar, Cello and Piano, For Ensemble: Carmagnole, Blanc mérité (avec Roman Opalka) and Six transformations du menuet K. 355 de Mozart.

Catalogue Number: 02T063

Label: Aeon

Reference: AECD 1649

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As with our previous offerings from this composer (e.g. 07L115), the works cover a bewilderingly wide range of stylistic, expressive and technical territory. A pointillistic kaleidoscope of fragmented sounds that belong firmly to an avant-garde æsthetic is the initial impression given by much of the music, but especially in the large ensemble pieces, Carmagnole and Blanc verité, pulsing, downright catchy regular rhythms suddenly emerge and persist for long enough that one ceases to notice that the 'rhythm section' producing them is an unorthodox treatment of non-percussion instruments - banging on the frame of the piano, in the case of Carmagnole. The six 'Transformations' of a Mozart minuet are like variations with the original at the centre, more or less obscured or distorted by an accumulation of dissonances or avant garde sound effects of which Lachenmann would be proud. In several 'variations' these are swooping squeals from string instruments that sound for all the world like the meowing of a group of cats, which can't possibly be intended to be taken seriously. And the Musica Ficta piano miniatures are anything from Webernian pointillism with almost no notes, to classical pastiche. As we said of a previous release, Pesson's unique style is "frequently very approachable and downright entertaining, for all its modernist eclecticism." Ensemble Cairn; Guillaume Bougogne.


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