Danish Works for Solo Viola

POUL RUDERS (b.1949): Autumn Collection, ANDERS KOPPEL (b.1947): For Viola, NIELS ROSING-SCHOW (b.1954): #ViolaSounds, KARSTEN FUNDAL (b.1966): Varidrome, SØREN NILS EICHBERG (b.1973): Recitare, BENT SØRENSEN (b.1958): Sarabande.

Catalogue Number: 02U051

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226588

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: These works were all written for Altino in the past few years. The viola occupies a special place in the psyche of musicians and composers. It is an instrument of mystery, soulfulness and even of protest and revolt. Rafaell Altino, principal viola of the Odense Symphony Orchestra, presents this exploration of his instrument's power and possibilities as realized by six leading Danish composers. Some explore the viola as a tool for sound production while others relish what its distinctive also singing voice does to melodies. The results are as touching and warm as they are fearsome and defiant. Ruders' suite is atmospheric and folk-tinged, sombre or bracingly blustery as its title suggests. The Koppel is similarly based in tonality, seeming to tell a story of a hesitant instrument finding the confidence to take center stage and dance. Both Rosing-Schow and Fundal explore the rich timbral possibilities of the instrument, while Eichberg's piece is dramatic and theatrical, with a strong sense of narrative. Sorensen's Sarabande is characteristically whimsical and sad; ghosts and faded images of the Baroque haunt this inward-looking piece. Rafaell Altino (viola).


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