ALEXANDER SPENDIAROV (1871-1928): Complete Piano Works - 2 Yerevan Études, Op. 30, 4 Crimean Sketches - Series 1, Op. 9, Waltzes in B Flat and in E Flat, Scherzo in D, Menuettes in B Flat, Op. 3/1 and in D Minor, Barcarolle in G Minor, Introduction and Khaytarma, Lullaby, Op. 3/2, Brave Warriors, Op. 26, Folk Song, Dance and Khaytarma, Violin and Piano - Waltz in E Minor, Folk Song, Romance, Lullaby, Melody, Canzonetta in D, Khaytarma, Op. 9/4, Cello and Piano - Romances in F and in G Minor, Barcarolles in G and G Minor, Piano Transcriptions - To the Rose, Op. 1/3, Eastern Lullaby, Op. 5/2,Mi Lar Blbul, Op. 22/2, Lullaby from Song of Crimean Tartars, Op. 25/1, Sayat Nova Songs, Op. 25/1, Garib Blbul, To the Beloved, La Souris from Crimean Sketches, Op. 23, 3 excerpts from the Opera Almast.

Catalogue Number: 02W053

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP852-53

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: 2 CDs. Spendiarov (Spendiarian) was a student of Rimsky-Korsakov and a close friend of Glazunov who wrote that he was a ‘musician with an impeccable, widely versatile technique’. Spendiarov’s music combines Russian and Armenian elements and is saturated in folkloric influence – and he vitally enriched the expressive range of Armenian music as a composer, pedagogue and champion of his contemporaries. Mikael Ayrapetyan (piano), Yulia Ayrapetyan (piano transcriptions),Vladimir Sergeev (violin), Demian Fokin (cello).


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