GERALDINE MUCHA (1917-2012): String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2, Wind Quintet, Epitaph in Memory of Jiří Mucha for Oboe and String Quartet, Our Journey for Flute and Piano (Alena Grillová [piano]), Solo Piano: Variations on an Old Scottish Song, Tempo di Mazurka, Karel František Josef, Minna Loveday DeCandole, Freddy DeCandole, Lullaby for Alisdair, For Erika.

Catalogue Number: 02W065

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95463

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

Description: For Mucha’s remarkable biography, see our blurb for the ArcoDiva CD of her orchestral works in December 2017 (12T009). The First String Quartet which she wrote in 1944 as a recent RAM graduate is a tight, well-argued work, inflected by the fiercely rhythmic folk idiom of Janáček and Bartók. There follows a collection of seven piano works including her most extensive piece for the instrument, a set of variations on an ‘Old Scottish Song’ which also shows a thorough command of a central-European idiom. The single-movement Second String Quartet dates from 1970 opens with a keening, Scottish-accented lament: taut and concise, both concealing and saying much in a short span. The Wind Quintet is a late work, from 1998, still elegiac in mood but now balanced by the kind of dance-like flow and momentum placing it in the tradition of wind-ensemble works from Mozart to Poulenc. The album ends with the Epitaph which she composed in 1991 in memory of her late husband. Stamic Quartet, Prague Wind Quintet, Vilém Veverka (oboe), Jan Machat (flute), Patricia Goodson (piano).


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