JOHN POWELL (1882-1963): In the South, Op. 16, Sonate noble, Op. 21, At the Fair: Sketches of American Fun for Pianoforte.

Catalogue Number: 03I004

Label: Centaur

Reference: 2828

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Collectors will remember our offering of Powell's Virginia Symphony on our cover in June of 2003. Powell was an ethnomusicologist and made a methodical collection of folk songs of the rural South and, having been educated in Vienna he toured Europe as a pianist extensively before World War I. This happy surprise, containing compositions dating from 1906-08, offers evidence of both the folk-song collecting and his knowledge of the keyboard in two sets of pictorial pieces with a strong sense of the salon (and of the circus!) and, on the other hand, the "serious" form of the sonata, which pianist Ross suggests in his notes may have been inspired by the composer's first encounter with Dvorák's New World Symphony. Nicholas Ross (piano).


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