WILHELM KEMPFF (1895-1991): Fränkisches Bilderbuch, Meerespsalm, Op. 9, Argentinisches Ständchen, Sonata, Op. 47, Choral, GLUCK/KEMPFF: Orpheus' Klage and Tanz der Seeligen Geister.

Catalogue Number: 03I006

Label: VMS

Reference: 130

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: (This disc appeared on its original label in our October 2003 catalogue as 10F006.) The "Franconian Picture-Book", composed around the end of World War II, is a set of vivid character pictures in true Schumann form if somewhat updated in style and the sonata of 1947 is also late Romantic in nature (the Choral was originally the third movement of the sonata, removed by Kempff since he felt the sonata was more taut without it). Truly Romantic in every way is the very early 14-minute "Sea Psalm" (subtitled "Fantasie") of 1919. Original 2000 Dontrie release. Rüdiger Steinfatt (piano).


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