EIVIND GROVEN (1901-1977): Symphony No. 1, Op. 26 "Towards the Mountains", Norwegian Symphonic Dances No. 1, Op. 43, Faldafeykir (Norwegian Symphonic Dances No. 2), Op. 53, Hjalar-ljod, Op. 38.

Catalogue Number: 03I009

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1312

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Groven's great lifetime achievement was to develop a system whereby he could effectively "translate" the just intonation of Norwegian folk music into the tempered intonation of Western art music, in order to create works based on folk music which could be as acoustically authentic as possible. The detailed notes by Wolfgang Plagge (who's appeared recently as composer on some 2L and Aurora releases in these pages) describe the problem and Groven's achievement in terms accessible to laymen even though they involve a few pages of harmonic and acoustic discussion. But you can also just enjoy the pure and authentic sounds of the 1938 symphony, the two sets of folk dances (1956 and 1965) and the overture which celebrated the 900th anniversary of the founding of Oslo in 1050. A must-have for any collector of Scandinavian music. Stavanger Symphony Orchestra; Eivind Aadland.


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