LUIGI DENZA (1846-1922): Votre voix, À l'idole, Desiderio, L'avessi tu compresso!, Stelle d'oro, J'ai peur de l'aimer, Luce ideale!, Te sola!, Mattinata di maggio, À un portrait, Adieu!, non m'ami più!, Giulia!, Luna fedel, Torna!..., Come to me, Like to like, Sweet hour, 'Tis June!, Parpete e lamiente!, Ne tu pecché mo faie?, Alla danza.

Catalogue Number: 03I042

Label: Hungaroton

Reference: HCD 32426

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: As you can tell from all the breathless exclamation points in the titles above, we are in the hothouse atmosphere of the society salon here, with palpitating hearts, pale, slender hands clutching hankies and an attack of the vapors threatening at any moment. Some of you know that Denza wrote the immortal Funiculì funiculà; he also spent much time in London where he was professor of singing at the Royal Academy of Music. French/Italian-English texts. Andrea Meláth (mezzo), Leonardo De Lisi (tenor), Pierlugi Ruggiero (cello), Guido Galterio (piano).


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