SERGEI SLONIMSKY (b.1932): Virineya - an oratorio suite from the Opera, Symphoniette

Catalogue Number: 03I087

Label: Northern Flowers

Reference: NF/PMA 9943

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Virineya is an oratorio comprising key scenes and choral interludes from Slonimsky's opera about the disintegration of rural communities after the 1917 revolution. The music is in Slonimsky's most immediately accessible mode; tonal and dramatically direct, mostly avoiding the ambiguous chromaticism of the remarkable piano sonata or the more advanced idiom of the opera Master and Margarita. One often thinks of Shostakovich (especially programmatic elements from the symphonies, even the film music and Jazz Suites), Khachaturian, even Kabalevsky and the Prokofiev of Nevsky. Slonimsky's contrapuntal mastery is to the fore in an ingenious orchestral fugue, musically the highlight of the score. The Symphoniette is a tougher proposition, more idiomatically identifiable as Slonimsky, tense and dramatic throughout, employing themes derived from traditional Russian canticles and taut contrapuntal writing. Collectors of quintessentially Russian repertoire of the post-romantic to conservatively modernist school won't want to hesitate to acquire this one. Orchestra and Choir of the St. Petersburg State Kapella; Vladislav Chernushenko.


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