MORTEN LAURIDSEN (b.1943): Les chansons de roses, Lux Aeterna for Chorus and Organ, Madrigali, O Magnum Mysterium.

Catalogue Number: 03I090

Label: Hännsler Classic

Reference: CD 98.272

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: With the exception of the lovely Rilke rose songs, this disc features substantially the inspiration Lauridsen finds in religious texts. As is typical of the composer, he has selected the words behind his music with extreme care, the Lux Æterna drawing from several sacred Latin texts which make reference to light. Lauridsen achieves a sense of solemn liturgy while maintaining sufficient variety in texture and rhythm to suggest the human element of the emotions felt in the concert hall alongside the inspirational implications of the lofty cathedral spaces suggested by the music's subject-matter. The madrigals are an explicit homage to Italian Renaissance examples of the genre, incorporating bold dissonant shifts in harmony and an alternation of complex polyphony and sudden, simple resolutions, intensely telling ion their emotional effect. The texts are Italian poems, the style both timeless and wholly contemporary. French/Latin/Italian-English texts. Jörg Halubek (organ), Chamber Choir of Europe; Nicol Matt.


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