MARC EYCHENNE (b.1933): Cantilène de Danse for Violin, Alto Saxophone and Piano, DETLEF BENSMANN (b.1958): Wo des Licht die Saite kreuzt for Violin, Alto Saxophone and Piano, Quadral for Violin, Saxophones and Piano, ALEXEI FRIED (b.1922): Tympanon for Violin, Saxophone and Piano, ADOLPH BUSCH (1891-1952): Suite for Violin and Alto Saxophone.

Catalogue Number: 03I091

Label: VMS

Reference: 169

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Busch's charming, lightweight suite is in mellow Romantic style, and Eychenne's boldly colorful 1961 work, looks back to late romanticism in more flamboyantly virtuosic style. Fried's 1982 piece has a satirical edge, suggesting a contemporary take on the eclectic experimentation of the Jazz Age, without much in the way of explicit jazz references. Bensmann extends the timbral and expressive qualities of the instrument with extended techniques, but always within a chamber music context in which subtle interactions between instrumental lines with their own distinct character are of paramount importance. Bensmann Trio.


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