GEORG MUFFAT (1653-1704): Nobilis Juventus, Sollicitudo, EVARISTO FELICE DALL'ABACO (1675-1742): Concerti à 4 da chiesa in D Minor, Op. 2/1 & in G Minor, Op. 2/5, JOHANN CHRISTOPH PEZ (1664-1716): Sonata VIII in G Minor and XII in E Minor, JOHANN PACHELBEL (1653-1706): Partia II in C Minor, JOHANN CASPAR KERLL (1627-1693): Sonata à 3 in G Minor.

Catalogue Number: 03J021

Label: Accent

Reference: ACC 24200

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These German and Italian composers were all associated with the Munich court of Max Emanuel, the Elector from 1680 and the lion's share belongs to the two big suites by Muffat from 1695 and 1698 which prove beyond a doubt that the French suite style was present in southern Germany before the turn of the 18th century. Pez and dall'Abaco, still fairly unknown to modern collectors, get two more works each added to their discographies, the former also employing French stylistic devices while the Italian fuses French and his own national styles. Stylus Phantasticus.


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