PAUL FISHER (b.1943): Name Play for Organ and Clarinet (Dawn Bowen [clarinet]), For Organ: Eireann Notes, The Fire and the Rose, These Things Should Not Be So: Two Grumpy Pieces, Tintern: Echoes of a Broken Past.

Catalogue Number: 03J083

Label: Priory

Reference: PRCD 892

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: An Anglican minister with a piano performance degree, Fisher began composing for the organ in 1992 and all but Eireann Pieces here are inspired by and quote plainsong (and, a few times, hymns by 20th century English composers). Pieces is a suite of seven Irish folksongs (as Fisher says, "played on the violin in pubs around the west of Ireland too numerous to count or mention...") which serve as the impetus for little impressionistic discourses. Attractive, mostly meditative music which might appeal to Anglophiles or lovers of the Emerald Isle as well as organ collectors. Kevin Bowyer (Willis organ of Glasgow University Memorial Chapel).


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