ROBERT JANSSENS (b.1939): Cello Sonata (Alexandre Debrus [cello], Sébastien Lienart [piano]), Silver Trio for Flute, Violin and Cello (Marc Grauwels [flute], André Siwy [violin], Debrus), Thème et Variations for Flute and Guitar (Grauwels, Yves Storms [guitar]), Jaïre - Tableaux d'Opéra for Piano (Yoko Kikuchi), Bassoon Sonata (Pierre Olivier Martens [bassoon], Leonardo Anglani [piano]), Conversations for Flute, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon (Grauwels, Guy Van Waas [clarinet], Claude Maury [horn], Hugues Kesteman [bassoon]).

Catalogue Number: 03J087

Label: Pavane

Reference: ADW 7518

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The big four-movement cello sonata is powerful and dramatic, incorporating dance and march episodes - the second movement waltz is especially effective in its treatment - to suggest a kind of narrative structure. The bassoon sonata is even more indebted to classical principles, somewhat conservative to be sure, but most enjoyable, recalling Poulenc or Saint-Saëns. The Silver Trio includes a few more modern gestures, but is mainly an easy-going, colorful virtuoso showpiece, which may also be said of the varied and ingenious Theme and Variations. The piano suite from the composer's opera Mademoiselle Jaïre presents brief tableaux from the drama. Conversations is a witty series of dialogues of different character suggesting various interactions between a cast of imaginary characters; some dissonances used for dramatic effect are the only real clue that this was written late in the 20th century, not very early. Throughout all the works the craftsmanship and idiomatic writing for the instruments is unmistakable.


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