BERNHARD GANDER (b.1969): Bunny Games for Ensemble, fluc 'n' flex for Accordeon, ö for Quintet, Peter Parker for Piano, fête.gare for Ensemble.

Catalogue Number: 03J111

Label: Kairos

Reference: 0012682KAI

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

No Longer Available

Description: Just about anything seems to be fair game for inclusion in Gander's compositions, and he plainly has no compunction about allowing the listener a glimpse into the 'composer's workshop', but actually parading the raw materials there as part of the finished product. His own input into these compositions largely consists of freely atonal ensemble music with a persistent percussive element and no avoidance of noise effects. But the constant intrusion of a bewildering array of 'found objects' - both musical and 'non-musical' from all aspects of life, render these works more like cinematic collages of impressions and images than conventional concert works. In Bunny Games, for instance, the objects encountered include, but are not limited to, fragments of Scarlatti and Varèse, rock and jazz drumming, ambient, electronic 'sci-fi' effects, and so on. The accordion work evokes an evening out in the throb and beat of Viennese nightclubs, blurred and dissonant, yet pounding and insistent. ö is a tribute to the heavy metal rock group Motörhead - it sounds very little like their music, but borrows elements from it, in a generally brash and confrontational sound-world. The high-energy Peter Parker for piano evokes the cartoon character of Spiderman, in a hectic, fragmentary dash around the keyboard. These works are nothing if not viscerally arousing and dynamically exciting. Hsin-Huei Huang (piano), Krassimir Sterev (accordeon), Klangforum Wien; Emilio Pomárico, Johannes Kalitzke, Sylvain Cambreling.


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