LUÍS DE FREITAS BRANCO (1890-1955): Cello Sonata, FERNANDO LOPES-GRAÇA (1906-1994): Cello and Piano: Página Esquecida, 3 Canções Populares Portuguesas, Adagio ed alla Danza, Solo Cello: 3 Inflorescências, 4 Invenções.

Catalogue Number: 03K062

Label: Numérica

Reference: NUM 1139

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

No Longer Available

Description: Dating from just before his Preludes, Freitas Branco's sonata (1913) is a four-movement piece of around 24 minutes in which a few Impressionistic vapors waft across a virile and often virtuosic late Romantic landscape. Lopes-Graça shows his lyrical side in the 1955 "Forgotten Page", the only surviving fragment of an old, unfinished cello concerto he'd started for Guilhermina Suggia; the songs are transcriptions of 1947-49 voice and piano pieces and the Adagio and Danza transcriptions of two piano preludes while a noble, Bachian austerity is present in the two late solo cello suites (1961 and 1973). Jed Barahal (cello), Christina Margotto (piano).


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