HENRYK GÓRECKI (b.1933): Four Preludes for Piano, Op. 1, Toccata for 2 Pianos, Op. 2, 3 Songs, Op. 3, Variations for Violin and Piano, Op. 4, Concerto for 5 Instruments and String Quartet, Op. 11, 2 Sacred Songs, Op. 30, Requiem für Eine Polka for Piano and 13 Instruments, Op. 66, Valentine Piece for Flute and Little Bell, Op. 70.

Catalogue Number: 03K076

Label: Landor Records

Reference: LAN287

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Five first recordings (i.e. not the Requiem, Toccata and Preludes) offer pieces of a larger picture of this composer known primarily for his "holy minimalist" third symphony. Not that the Toccata and Preludes have been widely heard either; these works from 1955 and the Variations and Songs of 1956 are in a tonal idiom influenced by Bartók and make sparing if telling use of Polish folk music. But in 1957, with the concerto, Górecki began experimenting with dodecaphony while the next chronological work here, the 1971 Sacred Songs is already preparing for the world of the Third Symphony and the 1996 Valentine Piece is in the gentle, reflective style most collectors know so well. Polish-English texts. Ronan Colllett (baritone), Chamber Domaine; Thomas Kemp (violin).


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