KJELL MØRK KARLSEN (b.1947): Choralsonate No. 3, Missa da Tromba, JON LAUKVIK (b.1952): Lamento, KETIL VEA (b.1932): Sonata, EGIL HOVLAND (b.1924): Cantus X.

Catalogue Number: 03K091

Label: 2L

Reference: 52

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These contemporary Norwegian compositions represent the revival of the highly effective traditional combination of brass, organ and large reverberant church spaces. I n keeping with this tradition, these pieces are all very tonal, from Karlsen's neoclassical Choralsonate, based on a Lutheran chorale and his more chromatic Missa, with its fine organ writing reminiscent of the 20th-century French style before the Messiaen revolution - Alain, Dupre´, Durufle´, to Vea's neo-Romantic sonata which exploits the subtle dissonances afforded by the higher partials of trumpet tone in a reverberant acoustic. Laukvik's work is a study in gently ambiguous harmonic relationships in the organ part, accompanying the trumpet's soaring, lamenting song, with a hint of funeral blues about it. Hovland's piece is melodic and hymnlike, emphasizing emotional accessibility in its direct, singing trumpet line. Jan Fredrik Christiansen (trumpet), Terje Winge (organ of Lillestrøm Church). SACD hybrid.


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