JOSÉ M. SÁNCHEZ-VERDÚ (b.1968): Alqubla for Orchestra (Junge Deutsche Philharmonie; Lothar Zagrosek), La rosa y el ruiseñor for Soprano, Baritone, 3 Viole da Gambe and Orchestra (Claudia Barainsky [soprano], Gabriel Suovanen [baritone], Banchetto musicale [viole da gamba], Orchestre de la Suisse Romande; Marek Janowski), Elogio del horizonte for Clarinet and Orchestra (Joan-Enric Lluna [clarinet], Orquesta Nacionalde España; Miguel Harth-Bedoya), Ahmar-aswad for Orchestra (Hessian Radio Symphony Orchestra; Pascal Rophé), Paisajes del placer y de la culpa for Large Orchestra (HSRO; Peter Rundel).

Catalogue Number: 03K105

Label: Kairos

Reference: 0012782KAI

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: A combination of monumental architecture and intricate patterning, of wide open vistas and viny entanglements of organic growth, are the paradoxical and apparently contradictory elements that integrate surprisingly effectively in Sánchez-Verdú's orchestral music. His works convincingly bridge European modernism and the Arabic culture in which the region of his birth and upbringing in the south of Spain is steeped. The former is evident in extended playing techniques - often breathing sounds, especially apparent here in the solo part in Elogio - and orchestral textures of organic plasticity; the latter in detailed repetitive gestures, obsessively repeated interlocking cells. For all their decorative flamboyance the pieces are anchored by insistent underlying chordal sonorities rooted in tonality; the architecture has strong foundations, and the flickering shadows of humanity that pass over these timeless structures have purpose and direction, a sense of progress through history. As with the previous disc of Sánchez-Verdú's orchestral output we offered (Oct. 06), these impressive constructions deserve an enthusiastic recommendation.


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