MAURICIO SOTELO (b.1961): Chalan for Percussion and Ensemble (Trilok Gurtu [tabla, percussion], Stefan Asbury [conductor]), Como Llora el Agua for Flamenco Guitar (Juan Manuel Cañizares), Wall of light black - for Sean Scully for Saxophone and Ensemble (Marcus Weiss [sax], Brad Lubman [percussion]), Night for Percussion and Ensmble (Miquel Bernat [percussion], Mauricio Sotelo [percussion]).

Catalogue Number: 03K107

Label: Kairos

Reference: 0012832KAI

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: These pieces were inspired by the work of the Irish painter Sean Scully, with whom the composer feels an æsthetic affinity. Scully's large abstract canvases, with precisely judged layers of color laid out in exact spatial relationships to each other, producing complex patterns of great apparent depth and luminosity, offer a visual analogy to Sotelo's compositions, with which they share a sense of scale and quasi-synæsthetic heightening of the senses. The percussion concertos, drawing on Indian and Spanish music, (Chalan incorporating a striking use of the tabla), has a restless, at times orgiastic energy, interspersed with sections of static, glowing color. The guitar solo is a new and complex composed work in flamenco style, a passionate lament. Elements of Flamenco are also present in the rhythmic insistence and obsessive, microtonally inflected melodic structures of the saxophone concerto; despite the use of some noise effects and unusual playing techniques there are sufficient episodes of tonality-based harmony to render the music more accessible than its amalgam of wide-ranging eclectic styles might suggest. musikFabrik.


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