ERNST HELMUTH FLAMMER (b.1949): Interferenza mente sovrapposizione for Cello, Orchestra and Live Electronics, das erschwiegene Wort!...ausgeweitet... for Percussion and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 03K111

Label: Neos

Reference: 10803

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: In the 50-minute cello concerto - really a double concerto, as the electronic part, realized at the SWR experimental studio and spatially diffused live by a sound projectionist, assumes a parallel role as soloist in its own right - a highly virtuosic cello part alternates and overlaps with layers of orchestral texture. These range from massive blocks of tutti sound to delicate webs of repeated gestures. Once the electronic part enters, a three-part dialogue ensues, with the cello dropping out for extended periods while the electronics and orchestra produce timbrally complex interference patterns (as implied by the work's title) by overlaying layers of material. The percussion concerto contrasts active, virtuosic solo material (incorporating extended techniques) with a relatively featureless orchestral backdrop, sometimes patterned in repeated gestures briefly suggesting minimalism here and there. Werner F. Selge (cello), Yuko Suzuki (percussion), Southwest German Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden und Freiburg; Lothar Zagrosek, Olaf Henzold.


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