GIOVANNI LEGRENZI (1626-1690): Concerti musicali per uso di Chiesa, Op. 1, Sonatas La Bevilacqua and La Mosta from Op. 8.

Catalogue Number: 03L017

Label: Dynamic

Reference: CDS 653

Format: CD

Price: $37.98

Description: Published in 1654, Legrenzi's Op. 1 consists of a mass (setting only the Kyrie, Gloria and Credo) and six psalms and Magnificat which amount to the Vesperae Solemnes de Confessore. Solo voices, two violins, viola da gamba and a variety of continuo instruments make up the performing forces for works in which the composer constantly varies the forces - solos with instruments, duets, trios and all four voices together - and the stylistic language ranges from 16th century polyphony to the most up-to-date contemporary types. 2 CDs. Oficina Musicum; Riccardo Favero.


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