GEORGE DYSON (1883-1964): Variations on Old Psalm Tunes, Books 1 & 2, HAROLD DARKE (1888-1976): Chorale Prelude on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, Op. 20/3, PETER DYKE (b.1965): A Wedding Prelude, EDWARD ELGAR (1857-1934): Enigma Variations (transcr. Peter Dyke).

Catalogue Number: 03L081

Label: Priory

Reference: PRCD 1029

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: "Great European Organs No. 80" is one of those quintessentially comfy-chair English recitals: eight variations on 16th and 17th century psalm tunes from England and Scotland - one of Dyson's last works (1961), another one by famous organist Harold Darke, a little wedding piece by the organist here and then his showing-off of the Hereford organ with his own transcription of the Enigma Variations. Have a nice glass of sherry with that? Organ of Hereford Cathedral.


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