JULIUSZ LUCIUK (b.1927): Lamentazioni Grazyna Bacewicz in memoriam (National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Katowice; Jerzy Katlewicz), Wings and Hands (Jerzy Artysz [baritone], Polish Radio and TV Orchestra Katowice; Renard Czajkowski), Warsaw Legend (Polish RTVO Katowice; Janusz Przybylski).

Catalogue Number: 03L097

Label: Acte Préalable

Reference: AP0229

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The melodic material of the 'Lamentations' emerges from a haze of high-register, unpitched clusters, suggesting something Ligeti or Penderecki might have done in the 1960s. By 1970, the year after Bacewicz had died, avant-garde gestures like these had been absorbed into Luciuk's vocabulary but were no longer an end in themselves, and as the sonorous textures develop, eloquent melodies begin to emerge into the foreground of the texture. Almost half-way through, the textures change, and a more conventional sense of harmony appears, a more representational depiction of mourning. Wings and Hands is more typical of Luciuk's post-1970 output, with a distinctly tonal feel to the ample vocal line, setting reflections on war, suffering and and recovery. Even in this context, though, the composer uses orchestral dissonances freely, for coloristic effect. Original percussion effects, not only from percussion instruments, further color the textures of the last movement. 1974's Warsaw Legend is a symphonic poem, alternating melancholy, gently insistent melodic material with dreamlike aleatoric interludes, suggesting a duality of reality and dream.


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