LOUIS ANDRIESSEN (b.1939): Quartet in Two Movements, Facing Death for 4 Amplified Strings, Garden of Eros, ...miserere..., Bach's Prelude in B Minor from "The Well-Tempered Clavier" (arr. Stravinsky & L. Andriessen).

Catalogue Number: 03L100

Label: Attacca

Reference: CD 29121

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: This disc contains Andriessen's entire quartet output to date. He was 18 when he wrote the Quartet in 2 Movements, a conventional essay in the form, tonal, with traces of Bartók and early Schoenberg. 1990's Facing Death is a tribute to Charle Parker, and tumbles over itself to express what it has to say before death indeed catches up with it, as it did Parker. The vocabulary is clearly derived from be-bop, and the piece almost falls into the category of the various quartet arrangements of well-known non-classical pieces, though in this case the material is original. Garden of Eros (2002) begins as a somber, undulating meditation, in which the first violin takes a dominant role; agitated episodes and the Dies irae motif underscore an in memoriam subtext. The gently mourning ...miserere... is much more tonal, and contains a number of autobiographical quotations and references. Schoenberg Quartet.


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