Orchestral Music from Argentina - 1955 historical recordings

JULIÁN AGUIRRE (1868-1924): 2 danzas argentinas (Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra; Luis Gianneo), ROBERTO CAAMAÑO (1923-1993): Suite for Strings, Op. 9 (BAPO; Gianneo), WASHINGTON CASTRO (1909-2004): Concierto campestre (BAPO; Washington Castro), CELIA TORRÁ (1884-1962): Rapsodia enterriana (National Symphony Orchestra; Celia Torrá), CARLOS GUASTAVINO (1912-2000): Las niñas (NSO; Roberto Kinsky), GILARDO GILARDI (1889-1963): El gaucho con botas nuevas (NSO; Kinsky), LUIS GIANNEO (1897-1968): El tarco en flor (NSO;  Gianneo), ROBERTO GARCÍA MURILLO (1911-2003): Movimiento sinfónico (NSO; Kinsky), JACOBO FICHER (1896-1978): El gaucho, Op. 51 (NSO; Jacobo Ficher), CARLOS LÓPEZ BUCHARDO (1881-1948): Campera (NSO; Kinsky), NICOLÁS J. LAMURAGLIA (1896-1973): Suite for String Orchestra and Concertante Piano (Francisco Amicarelli [piano], BAPO; Juan José Castro), FELIPE BOERO (1884-1958): 4 danzas criollas (NSO; Kinsky), ALBERTO GINASTERA (1916-1983): Overture to the Creole Faust (NSO; Kinsky).

Catalogue Number: 03M008

Label: Tradition

Reference: TR100546

Format: CD

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Description: The Argentinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned a series of recordings in 1955, of which those presented here represented the classical orchestral part, which were intended for Argentine embassies. As many of the titles above make clear, the government wanted music which was tonal, approachable and, if possible, grounded in native folk and popular music traditions. So everything here is easy to appreciate and the transfers, made from original LPs (apparently the tapes did not survive), are generally satisfactory, with fewer than half evincing some distortion at peak levels. 2 CDs.


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