JOSEF NETZER (1808-1864): String Quartets No. 1 in F Minor and No. 2 in D.

Catalogue Number: 03N006

Label: Tiroler Landesmuseen

Reference: no number

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

No Longer Available

Description: From a small town in Tirol, Netzer studied in Innsbruck and later, in Vienna, under the renowned Simon Sechter. He arrived in Vienna early enough to befriend Schubert and play some four-hand music with the famous composer. His first quartet (1836) is very Schubertian, especially in its finale with good command of sonata form and counterpoint while the second (1846) broadens its influences to include other composers of Viennese Classicism. László Paulik, Éva Posvanecz (violins), Balázs Bozzai (viola), Balázs Máté (cello).


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