HANS ROTT (1858-1884): String Quartet in C Minor, ANTON BRUCKNER (1824-1896): String Quartet in C Minor.

Catalogue Number: 03N007

Label: Quintone

Reference: Q 10002

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: In answer to your first question, no, it doesn't sound like a string quartet by Mahler. In fact, Mahler is only present in the depth of feeling and the intensity of the slow movement but so, for that matter, is late-period Beethoven. A 35-minute work, which dwarfs the Bruckner quartet, the Rott (probably dating from 1878-80) is unusual in having five movements, a short minuet coming between scherzo and finale. The scherzo is Mendelssohnian, the slow-tempo introductory fugue beginning the finale reminds us that Rott was a gifted organist who loved his Bach; the slow introduction to the first movement reminds you of the Mozart Dissonance quartet. Yet when you put all of these influences together, you have a pretty original voice for such a young composer. Israel String Quartet.


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