JOSSE BOUTMY (1697-1779): Suite VI from Troisième Livre de Pièces de Clavecin, F.I. DE BOECK (1697?-1775?): Allegro and Siciliano andante from Suitte Pour le Clavecin ou L'Orgue Opera Prima, Menuet from Sonata II and Allegro from Sonata V from Six Suittes Pour le Clavi-Cembalo ou l'Orgue Opera Seconda, DIEUDONNÉ RAICK (1703-1764): Suite V from Six Suites de Clavecin Premiere Œuvre, CHARLES-JOSEPH VAN HELMONT (1715-1790): La Lisette Rondeau Tenrement from Suite II from Pièce de clavecin Œuvre Premier, NATALIS VANDER BORCHT (1729-1785): Gratioso con Variatione from Suite VI from Six Suites pour le Clavecin Œuvre Deuxiéme, FERDINAND STAES (1748-1809): Sonata II from Trois Sonates pour le Clavecin our Forte Piano, ANONYMOUS: Andante, Legrement, Glockenspiel Allegro, Areta un poco Allegro, Air 3te toni allegro, Le luttin allegro, Allegro.

Catalogue Number: 03N025

Label: Challenge Classics

Reference: CC72528

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This 75-minute recital of lesser-known and unknown Flemish harpischord music contains music of late baroque style, with French and Italian stylistic traits mixed according to the taste of the time yet also offers something as Classical as the J.C. Bachish or Haydnish Allegro from the group of anonymous pieces. A full 15 pages of English notes are included in this superbly documented disc. Ewald Demeyere (harpsichord). SACD hybrid.


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