FRANCISCO ANTÓNIO DE ALMEIDA (c.1702-1755): Cantata A quel leggiadro volto for Soprano, Strings and Continuo, PEDRO ANTÓNIO AVONDANO (1714-1782): Scena de Berenice for Soprano and Orchestra and Ah, non sai bella Selene for Soprano and Strings, PIETRO GIORGIO AVONDANO (?-?): Sinfonie in D and in F for Strings and Continuo, ANON.: Harpsichord Concerto in G Minor (attr. Carlos Seixas [1704-1742]).

Catalogue Number: 03N028

Label: Dynamic

Reference: CDS 709

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Music from composers active in Portugal in the 18th century, one of them, De Almeida, actually Portuguese - his 16-minute cantata is in the finest Italian style of the youthful Handel or of Alessandro Scarlatti. The Italian father-and-son pair of Avodanos give us late baroque sinfonie and two operatic works for soprano and orchestra in early Classical style.  The harpsichord concerto, attributed by some to Seixas, is more experimental, varied in style, more virtuosic and more expressive than the latter's only such work. No texts. Gemma Berganolli (soprano), Divino Sospiro; Enrico Onofri.


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