MARGARET RUTHVEN LANG (1867-1972): Selected Songs, Vol. 2 - On an April Apple Bough, Before My Lady's Window, Op. 19/4, In the Greenwood, Op. 19/2, In a Garden, The Bird, Op. 40/3, Nameless Pain, Northward, Op. 37/6, My Garden, Op. 28/3, I Knew the Flowers Had Dreamed of You, Song in the Songless, Op. 38/4, In the Twilight, An Even Psalm, Op. 46/1, The Harbor of Dreams, Op. 7/3, In the Night, Op. 39/3, Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures, Opp. 42 & 43, To-Morrow, Op. 39/7, Lydia, Op. 32/2, A Thought, Op. 37/1, Lied der Nebenbuhlerin, Lament, Op. 6/3, An Irish Mother's Lullaby, Op. 34, Night, Op. 7/1.

Catalogue Number: 03N057

Label: Delos

Reference: DE 3410

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: A student of Chadwick, Paine and MacDowell among others, Lang's credentials are irreproachable and anyone interested in American song will not hesitate. There is nothing of great depth in the poetry but quite a bit of interest will be grabbed by the sheer melodic invention and variety of expression Lang demonstrates. Texts available on CD-ROM which came with Vol. 1 (02M068). Donald George (tenor), Lucy Mauro (piano).


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