JOSEPH ACHRON (1886-1943): Complete Suites for Violin and Piano - Hebrew Melody, Op. 33, 2 Hebrew Pieces, Op. 35, Eli Zion, Prelude, Op. 13, Souvenir de Varsovie, Op. 14, Coquetterie, Op. 15, Serenade, Op. 17, Les sylphides, Op. 18, Berceuse, Op. 20, Dance Improvisation, Op. 37, Scher, Op. 42, Märchen, Op. 46, Liebeswidmung, Op. 51, Canzonetta, Op. 52/2, 2 Stimmungen, Op. 32, 2 Stimmungen, Op. 36, 2 Pastels, Op. 44 (1996 Biddulph release), Stempenyu Suite, Suite No. 1 "en style ancien", Op. 21, Suite No. 2, Op. 22, 4 Tableaux fantastiques (Suite No. 3), Op. 23, Suite bizarre "Cycles des rythmes" (Suite No. 4), Op. 41, Children's Suite (arr. Jascha Heifetz [1901-1987] from Op. 57), Pensée de Leopold Auer, La romanesca.

Catalogue Number: 03N065

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 67841

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Schoenberg thought Achron "one of the most underestimated of modern composers". Needless to say, he still is. Shaham and Erez' 1997 Biddulph recording was rare in giving the composer an entire disc. Now they offer a full new disc and Hyperion tacks on the Biddulph for free. Far more than a "Hebrew composer", Achron inhabits a harmonically sophisticated world and can be seen as a true 20th century "original" with Bartók and Enescu as obvious reference points. 2 CDs for the price of 1. Hagai Shaham (violin), Arnon Erez (piano).


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