OLA GJEILO (b.1978): The Ground and Dark Night of the Soul for Chorus, Piano and String Quartet, Serenity for Chorus and Cello, Evening Prayer for Chorus, Tenor Saxophone and Piano, Solo Chorus: Ubi caritas, Northern Lights, The Spheres, Tota pulchra es, Prelude, Phoenix, Unicornis captivatur.

Catalogue Number: 03N088

Label: Chandos

Reference: CHSA 5100

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Gjeilo's choral works are tonal, predominantly consonant, serene and consoling. The more active pieces are propelled by rippling quasi-minimalistic patterning accompanying the vocal lines, or a rough-hewn evocation of medi√¶val and renaissance dances. The composer's titles, somewhat suggestive of a new-agey, crossover √¶sthetic (which is not altogether absent) are somewhat misleading, as most of the texts are drawn from the Prayers and Masses of the Catholic Church. Gjeilo's harmonic language is warm and sumptuous, emphasizing simple, reverent beauty above musical complexity, though this is not to imply a lack of sophistication in the finely judged timbres and textures of this gratifyingly approachable (and likely most gratifying to perform) contribution to the canon of sacred choral music. Phoenix Chorale; Charles Bruffy. SACD hybrid


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