Minimal Piano Collection, Vols. 10-20

SIMEON TEN HOLT (b.1923): Canto Ostinato, WILLIAM DUCKWORTH (b.1943): Forty Changes, Binary Images, MICHAEL PARSONS (b.1938): Rhythm Studies, Nos. 1 and 2, DOUWE EISENGA (b.1961): City Lines, Les Chants Estivaux (4 pianos), Cloud Atlas, Theme from Wiek, GABRIEL JACKSON (b.1962): Rhapsody in red, KYLE GANN (b.1955): Long Night for 3 pianos, PHILIP GLASS (b.1937): Metamorphosis II, III and IV (arr. 2005 for two, three and four pianos, J. van Veen), In Again Out Again, MEREDITH MONK (b.1942): Ellis Island (2 pianos), Phantom Waltz, MORTON FELDMAN (1926-1987): Two Pianos, Intermission 6, Piece for Four Pianos, JEROEN VAN VEEN (b.1969)/MARCEL BERGMANN: Two Pianos on Strings, BACH in Strings (4 pianos), JOHN ADAMS (b.1947): Hallelujah Junction, COLIN McPHEE (1900-1964): Balinese Ceremonial Music, Pemoengkah, Gambangan, Taboeh Teloe, Rebong, Lagoe Tjondong, Gabor Gong, MARCEL BERGMANN: Morning Train, Midnight Journey, Incessant Bells, Boogie Mania, CARLOS MICHÁNS (b.1950): Joy, CHIEL MEIJERING (b.1954): Joke, Fast, cheap and out of control, Floating into space, She disappears in my dreams, A place of coolness, Kissing her lips, Don't put me in your box, Why is the flag fluttering in the wind, Hypnosis, Go where the angels are, Berceuse, I Found A New Baby, Riddle with 3 eyes, Hammond, Don't ever leave me again, The roof of blue glass, ARVO PÄRT (b.1935): Phasing on Arvo Pärt (arr. J. Van Veen), Hymn to a Great City, STEVE REICH (b.1936): Piano Phase, Six Pianos, KEVIN VOLANS (b.1949): Cicada, JOHN METCALF (b.1946): Never Odd or Even, TIM SEDDON (b.1964): Sixteen, JURRIAAN ANDRIESSEN (1925-1996): Portrait of Hedwig (Canons 1-12), WIM MERTENS (b.1953): 4 mains, LOUIS ANDRIESSEN (b.1939): The Hague Hacking, JACOB TER VELDHUIS (b.1951): Views from a Dutch Train, GRAHAM FITKIN (b.1963): Totti (4 pianos), White (4 pianos), TOM JOHNSON (b.1939): Voicings, FREDERIC RZEWSKI (b.1938): Les Moutons de Panurge, JULIUS EASTMAN (1940-1990): Gay Guerrilla, DAVID LANG (b.1957): Orpheus Over and Under, JEROEN VAN VEEN: Incanto No. I, JOEP FRANSSENS (b.1955): Entrata, Old Songs New Songs, Between The Beats, ALEXANDER RABINOVITCH (b.1945): Liebliches Lied.

Catalogue Number: 03N093

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 9171

Format: CD

Price: $49.98

Description: As you can see from the list of composers, this covers more than "minimalism" as such, but there's no room to even try to encapsulate the stylistic variety of this set. A CD-ROM includes some of the scores as well as the booklet notes. 11 CDs. Jeroen van Veen & Friends (2 to 6 pianos).


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