IGNACIO JERUSALEM (1707-1769): Symphony in G, Cantata Al Combate, Gorjeos Trinando (duet for St. Peter), Cristal Bello (Christmas aria with obbligato flute), SANTIAGO BILLONI (c.1700-c.1763): Sacred Arias: Mariposa Inadvertida, Celeste Aurora Hermosa.

Catalogue Number: 03O029

Label: Navona Records

Reference: NV5902

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Jerusalem was from Lecce and emigrated to Mexico where he helped modernize music by introducing the galant style, most obviously in the nine-minute symphony and the 27-minute cantata Al Combate (both from around 1760). The latter is the largest piece of secular music known to survive from 18th-century Mexico. Billoni, originally from Rome, worked in Guadalajara and Durango in similar style. Spanish-English texts available on the CD - part of a 40-page digital booklet (when you stuff it into your computer). Eleanor Ranny-Mendoza (soprano), Elda Peralta (mezzo), Dandro Naglia (tenor), Chicago Arts Chorale and Orchestra; Javier José Mendoza.


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