WILLIAM HAYES (1708-1777): 6 Cantatas:  A winter scene at Ross in Herefordshire, Why, Lysidia, shou'd Man be vain, While I listen to thy voice, Chloris, Chloe's Dream, To Venus a rant, An ode to Echo, Ode Orpheus & Eurydice.

Catalogue Number: 03O030

Label: Globe

Reference: GCD 922510

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: The second Hayes release from this label and many of the same artists (see September 2010 - 09M025) brings us six cantatas published in 1748, whose widely varied subjects (winter, philosophy, lament, amusingly erotic, impetuously erotic and a much larger-scale, 17-minute one (An Ode to Echo) which anticipates the style of the cantatas which entertained crowds at the London Pleasure Gardens in the second half of the century.  The 28-minute Orpheus is Hayes' first ode composed for ceremonies at Oxford (in 1735 for the granting of his own bachelor's degree), the first milestone on his way to the 76-minute The Passions which was offered two and a half years ago. 2 CDs. Texts included. Mirjam Berlin, Ulrike Hofbauer, Evelyn Tubb (sopranos), Paul Bentley, David Munderloh (tenors), Daniel Cabena (alto), The SCB Hayes Players; Anthony Rooley.


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