GIOVANNI BATTISTA PERGOLESI (1710-1736): Septem verba a Christo in cruce moriente prolata.

Catalogue Number: 03O031

Label: Harmonia Mundi

Reference: HMC 902155

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Discovered by Hermann Scherchen, this cycle of seven canatas, each of two arias, has only recently been attributed to Pergolesi, a work of his final year and now receives its World Premiere Recording just days after its concert premiere. Lasting just over 80 minutes, it is notable for its paucity of recitative (only five) and its structure based on da capo arias. Jacobs, known for his tinkering in performance with far larger and long beloved works, lays out his reasons for doing so here in a note preceding another note about the authenticity of the attribution. Latin-English texts. Sophie Karhäuser (soprano), Christophe Dumaux (countertenor), Julien Behr (tenor), Konstantine Wolff (bass), Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin; René Jacobs.


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