DANIEL GOTTLOB TÜRK (1750-1813): Easy Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 2 - 6 Keyboard Sonatas, Collection I, HedT.993.1-3.6, 6 Keyboard Sonatas, Collection II, HedT. 100.4.1-4.6.

Catalogue Number: 03O033

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP629-30

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: Apparently made to help younger pianists get ready to play Mozart, Haydn and C.P.E. Bach, these dozen sonatas date from 1776-7. Not only are they performed on a cornucopia of period keyboards conserved in the Marlowe A. Sigal Collection in Newton Center, MA, but their scores teem with dynamic, agogic and expressive markings (like C.P.E. himself) which give us a close-up look at contemporary piano performance style. We're now halfway through the whole group of 48 "easy sonatas". 2 CDs. Michael Tsalka (1784 Stein grand piano, 1820 Stein upright piano, 1785 Sodi grand piano, 1781 Shudi & Boradwood harpsichord).


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