PIERRE DE BRÉVILLE (1861-1949): Viola Sonata in F, CHARLES TOURNEMIRE (1870-1939): Suite in Three Parts, Op. 11, CHARLES KOECHLIN (1867-1950): Viola Sonata, Op. 53.

Catalogue Number: 03O053

Label: Atma

Reference: ACD2 2519

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: World Premiere Recordings of the 83-year-old Bréville's sonata rich in chromaticism and Franckian style and of the equally Franckian sonata (in all but name) by Tournemire from 1897, also rich in chromaticism and in subtle harmonic ambiguities.  Each work is compact - 19 and 17 minutes respectively. Koechlin's 1915 sonata made a big impression when we heard it two years ago (07M075), a tormented war-scarred work with two slow but haunted initial movements, a bitter scherzo and a somber and plaintive finale. Steven Dann (viola), James Parker (piano).


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