JEAN CRAS (1879-1932): Piano Concerto (Colette Cras-Tansman [piano], Orchestre Radio-Symphonique de Paris; Eugène Bigot. rec. Dec. 6, 1948), New Recordings: Âmes d'enfants for Piano Six Hands, Premier anniversaire for Piano, 4 pièces for Violin and Piano, 3 Chansons bretonnes for Voice and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 03O064

Label: Timpani

Reference: 1C1200

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: This twelfth entry in Timpani's Cras series contains works dedicated to the composer's children (there are 20 family photos reproduced in the booklet): Âmes exists in an orchestral version if you're old enough to remember the Cybelia label and was written for his three daughters to play at one piano; Premier anniversaire is a virtuosic piece written for Cras himself to play but on the occasion of his only son's first birthday and the violin pièces were also birthday presents for his son to play - one each for his eighth through eleventh birthdays; the Chansons were his last compositions - three emotional love-letters to his wife six months before his death from cancer; the concerto (two modern recordings already available) was written for his eldest daughter who, married to Alexander Tansman, is the soloist in this historical recording. French-English texts. Mélanie Boisvert (soprano), Lionel Peintre (baritone), Philippe Graffin (violin), Alain Jacquon (piano), François Kerdoncuff & Laurent Wagschal (Âmes).


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