ADOLF BUSCH (1891-1952): Serenade for String Quartet in G, Op. 14, Variations on an Original Theme for Clarinet and String Quartet in F, Op. 53c, 7 Bagatelles for Clarinet, Viola and Cello, Op. 53a, German Dances for Clarinet, Violin and Cello in F, Op. 26c, Duet for Violin and Clarinet in B, Op. 26b.

Catalogue Number: 03O067

Label: Avi-music

Reference: 8553268

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Since Busch's music is rather unknown, it is useful to point out right at the start that, unlike his contemporary soloist-composer Artur Schnabel, Busch wrote tonal music - tonal, but not ultra-conservative. The major work here is the 1918 Serenade which blends the serious construction of a string quartet with the enchanting melodies and gorgeous romanticism of the genre of its title. Everything else here is "Hausmusik" - short pieces intended for the delectation and performance by himself and friends and family members away from the concert stage. Wolfgang Meyer (clarinet), Eisler Quartet.


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