Palazzetto Bru Zane - Portraits, Vol. 2

THÉODORE DUBOIS (1837-1924): Symphony No. 2 in B Minor (Brussels Philharmonic; Hervé Niquet), Symphonie française in F Minor (Les Siècles; François Xavier-Roth), Piano Sonata in A Minor (Romaine Descharmes [piano]), Piano Quartet in A Minor (Quatuor Giardini), Messe pontificale, Panis angelicus, O Salutaris (2), Ave Verum, Ave Maria (2) (Chantal Santon [soprano], Jennifer Borghi, Marie Kalinine [mezzos], Mathias Vidal [tenor], Alain Buet [baritone], François Saint-Yves [organ], Members of the Brussels Philharmonic; Hervé Niquet

Catalogue Number: 03Q005

Label: Ediciones Singulares

Reference: ES 1018

Format: CD

Price: $44.98

Description: The major draw here, obviously, is the pair of Dubois' only symphonies, the française (1908) and No. 2 (1912). Both have all the vigor of youth and are generally bright (sometimes brazen, with powerful use of brass) and thrusting and forward-moving in their fast movements (sometimes making one think of Schumann, only less Germanic!). No. 2's scherzo could be by Mendelssohn while the française's first movement has a strong Franckian feel and both have more than enough tunes to keep you going back for more.  The piano sonata is also a late work (1908), sometimes Schumannian in texture and as memorable as the symphonies. The mass is an 1895 partial reworking of a youthful work (an 1862 Prix de Rome composition) which stylistically spans the region between Schubert and Verdi while some of the motets are in severe, neo-Palestrinan style and others are operatic. Only the piano quartet has been recorded before (see 11J056 of Nov. 2007). 3 CDs + bound book.


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