DANIEL GOTTLOB TÜRK (1750-1813): Sonatas in G and in A (c.1790 Schmidt fortepiano), 16 pieces from 60 Handstücke (1807 Sauer clavichord), JOHANN FRIEDRICH REICHARDT (1752-1814): Grande Sonate in F Minor (c. 1820 Walter fortepiano), Klavierstück über eine Petrarchische Ode (1807 Sauer clavichord), CARL LOEWE (1796-1869): Grande Sonate in E, Op. 16 (1820 Streicher fortepiano).

Catalogue Number: 03Q028

Label: Querstand

Reference: VKJK 1420

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: Late Classical and early Romantic sonatas played on period fortepianos. Türk will be familiar from the Grand Piano discs; echoes of Beethoven and Schubert in Loewe's 1829 work while Reichardt in 1813 also explores a proto-Romantic lyrical mood. Only the 16 minutes of Stücke are performed on the clavichord. 2 CDs. Tobias Koch (pianist).


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