The English Phantasy - 3 World Premiere Recordings!*

GUSTAV HOLST (1878-1934): Phantasy on British Folksongs, Op. 36*, EUGENE GOOSSENS (1893-1962): Phantasy Quartet, Op. 12*, WILLIAM HURLSTONE (1876-1906): Phantasie*, JOSEPH HOLBROOKE (1878-1958): First Quartet Fantasie, in D Minor, Op. 17b, HERBERT HOWELLS (1892-1983): Phantasy String Quartet, FRANK BRIDGE (1879-1941): Phantasie.

Catalogue Number: 03Q052

Label: EM Records

Reference: EMR CD025

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The Cobbett Competition for Phantasy compositions began in 1905 when both Bridge and Hurlstone were winners. We know the Bridge but the Hurlstone is recorded here for the first time: the shortest one on the disc, it manages to be lyrical, dramatic, witty and playful in 8:36. The other two premieres are Holst's ten-minute knitting-together of four English folksongs (1916), a work which he withdrew in 1919 and Goossens' eleven-minute piece of 1915 which, as ever with him, looks across the Channel to the France of Debussy and Ravel for inspiration. Although the 15-minute Holbrooke (1906) is not listed as a first recording, I don't know where is was recorded before; the composer's typical Germanic style is present, particularly in the titles of the three sub-headings, Departure, Absence and Return - Beethoven's Les Adieux piano sonata. The Bridge Quartet.


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