JEAN ROGER-DUCASSE (1873-1954): Complete Piano Works - 3 Barcarolles, 6 Préludes, Prelude, Études in G Sharp Minor and in A Flat, 4 Études, Variations sur un Choral, Étude en Sixtes, Arabesques, 4 Esquisses, Sonorités, Impromptu, Chant de l’aube, Romance, Prélude d’un Ballet, Interlude “Au jardin de Marguerite”, Bach/Ducasse: Passacaglia, BWV 582, Piano Four Hands: Petite Suite, Études Books 1, II and III.

Catalogue Number: 03R045

Label: Nimbus

Reference: NI5927

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

Description: Nimbus’ switch of distributors left serious pianophiles waiting for this release for a long time. The music is extremely difficult to play but not because it’s dazzlingly virtuosic. From the Oct. 2015 “Gramophone” review: “... a bewildering stimulation for jaded palates ... a tireless elabortion often within a slow tempo (lent, lentment and très lent are frequent instructions) and a preference for subdued, darker regions of the imagination Roger-Ducasse is more for lovers of angst than of optimism and there is lttle in the nature of display. The shadow of Fauré (R-D’s mentor) notably in his later tortuous and elliptical style, hangs heavily over many pages. All of this music requires several listenings if it is not to seem unresolved and experimental.” 3 CDs. Martin Jones (piano), Adrian Farmer (four hands pieces).


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