Le Magnifique - Flute Music for the Court of Louis XIV

LOUIS-NICOLAS CLÉRAMBAULT (1676-1749): Simphonia No. 7 “Sonata detta La Magnifique”, JEAN-BAPTIST LULLY (1632-1687): Ritournell pour Diane from Le Triomphe de l’Amour, MICHEL LAMBERT (1610-1696): 2 Airs à 1-4 parties, PHILBERT RÉBILLÉ (1639-after March 1717): Menuet, No. 99 from Suite de danses. Qui se joüent ordinairement à tous les Bals chez le Roy, LOUIS-ANTOINE DORNEL (c.1680-after 1756): Sarabande “La Descosteaux” from Flute Suite in B Minor, Op. 2/2, ROBERT DE VISÉE (1660?-1733?): Sarabande from Suite No. 9 in E Minor from Pièces de théorbe et de luth mises en partition, dessus et basse, JACQUES HOTTETERRE “le Romain” (1673-1726): J’Ecoûtois autrefois from Recueil d’airs sérieux et à boire, Trio Sonata in D, Op. 3/2, FRANÇOIS COUPERIN (1668-1733): Vous qui craignez que l’Amour from Recueil d’airs sérieux et à boire, Concert No. 13 from Les Goûts-réünis MICHEL DE LA BARRE (1675-1745): Sonate L’Inconnuë from Suite No. 9 in G of Pièces pour la flûte traversière, Book 2, MARIN MARAIS (1656-1728): 7 excerpts from Suite No. 2 in G Minor of Pièces en trio.

Catalogue Number: 03W018

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.579083

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: This program portrays the ‘birth’ of the flute in France in the late 17th century and the following 40 years of its life as a new and fashionable instrument. A famous patron of the arts, King Louis XIV gathered elite composers and musicians to create the refinement, elegance and good taste that was demanded at his Paris Court. From the early petites pièces to more virtuoso suites and sonatas with their ornamented lyricism and grand dance rhythms, the mellow, robust and almost husky sounds of flutes from this period blend and weave around each other like the voices of two singers. Barthold Kuijken, Immanuel Davis (flutes), Arnie Tanimoto (viola da gamba), Donald Livingston (harpsichord).


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