GIUSEPPE CORSI (1631/32-1691): Cantatas Dalle balze sciame, Cruda lege de mio fato, Me lo volete dire?, Abbandonato e solo (il Nerone), GIOVANNI BATTISTA VITALI (1632-1692): Partitas on different sonatas for violin, Suites 1 and 2, GIACOMO ANTONIO PERTI (1661-1759): Cantata Pompe voi che ascondere.

Catalogue Number: 03Y007

Label: Brilliant Classics


Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: Known as Celani, Corsi was one of the most important composers of the Roman school active in the second half of the 17th century. Corsi's catalogue of works includes around 23 secular compositions including Cantatas for one voice and basso continuo. The protagonist of the cantata Dalle balze sicane is the mythological Enceladus who, having been plunged into the bowels of Mount Etna by the goddess Athena, invokes Jupiter to placate the outrage against him. The character’s 'misfortunes' and 'sorrows' of love in Cruda legge del mio fato find analogies with those experienced by the composer. The first aria in this cantata is rich in complex enharmonics, greatly expanded and varied in the repeat, when the voice is engaged in difficult bravura passages. The cantata Abbandonato e solo begins with a veritable monologue from Roman emperor Nero, tormented by his past ghosts. Mauro Borgioni (baritone), Romabarocca Ensemble.


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