VASSOS NICOLAOU (b.1971): Etudes & Frames : Etudes 1 Anodos (2008) 2 Monologos (2008) 3 Delays (2008) 4 Chimes (2008) 5 Mirrors / Interventions (2008) 6 Animadóttir (2013) 7 Entrap (2013) 8 Point de jonction (2013) 9 Présence d’une absence (2013) 10 Filter (2013) 11 Hast du Angst? (2013) 12 Distory (2015) 13 Teso (2016) 14 Rebounds (2016) 15 Tamara (2016) Tamara Stefanovich, piano. Frames (2016/2017) for piano four hands Tamara Stefanovich & Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano

Catalogue Number: 03Y030

Label: PentaTone

Reference: PTC5187041

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: On Etudes & Frames, pianist Tamara Stefanovich presents the music of contemporary master Vassos Nicolaou. In his Etudes, Nicolaou uses virtuosity as a means to explore forms made of complex rhythms, great speed and multi-layered sound. Each of the fifteen etudes has an evocative title and focuses on specific geometrical-choreographical movements of the hands on the keyboard, as well as on a basic acoustical idea. For Stefanovich, this set has a structural integrity not seen since Ligeti’s Etudes. Nicolaou’s etudes are paired with Frames for two pianos, on which Stefanovich is joined by Pierre-Laurent Aimard. Stefanovich studied alongside Nicolaou and has been an important advocate of his music ever since. Tamara Stefanovich (with Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Frames), piano


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