PHILIP GLASS (b.1937): Music with Changing Parts.

Catalogue Number: 04I083

Label: Orange Mountain Music

Reference: 0035

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Looking for a blast of 1970s nostalgia? Here is classic minimalism, before it was absorbed into romantic-minimalism and started turning up in operas and symphonies. This piece is flexibly scored and consists of the repeating, slowly evolving patten cells that defined minimalism in its early stages of development. Less reliant on arpeggiated figuration than some more popular Glass, and incorporating long sustained notes at the discretion of the players, enriching the texture and underpinning the restless activity of the work's primary material, the piece is energetic and mesmeric, and falls firmly in the category of hard-core minimalism, like other Glass, Riley and Reich of the period. But it is one of Glass' most intricate and ingenious extended scores of the time, and in this new large-ensemble version by Icebreaker it emerges in fresh colors, so to speak, and reminds us of the 'whoa! what was that?' jolt that many experienced when this kind of thing burst onto a contemporary music scene that had seemed increasingly dominated by academic serialism. Icebreaker.


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